Odd Meters

Unconventional grooves in non-standard time signatures that are beyond the commonality of 4/4 time.


Two or more sharply contrasting rhythms that are performed at the same time interdependently.

Irrational Time

Time signatures not containing a power of two in the bottom number.

Fractional Time

Time signatures containing a partial beat in the top number, such as ¼, ½, , or ¾ (or their decimal equivalents).

Irrational Rhythms

Rhythms that divide the beat into a different number of equal subdivisions from that usually permitted by the time signature.

Beat Flips

Drum fills that add or subtract a (partial) beat to create a meter shift, thereby achieving a wobbly sense of pulse.

Mixed Meters

Different changing time signatures at the beginning of each measure that create an irregular rhythmic feel.

Grids & Warmups

Supplemental warmups for developing accuracy, fluidity, and rhythmic comprehension.